PUNTA is a West Australian bookmaking operation that has stood at Ascot and Belmont since 2005.

PUNTA is registered with the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor and are members of the Bookmakers Association of WA, the association guaranteeing their operation through their bonding agreement.

PUNTA has a reputation for allowing their customers a decent bet and sets itself aside from corporate bookmakers by never banning their winning punters.


Name your price

Unlike your typical online bookmaker, we're listening. We want to know the price you're after for the bet you want.

Punters betting with PUNTA Bookmaking have the ability to request a price for any given runner on a featured meeting. All requests are considered, whilst reasonably sized and priced bets are more likely to be approved. For example; $100 at the requested price of $7 rather, than at the displayed price of $6.50.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of any of the above, please email us at support@punta.com.au.